Substance Abuse Prevention, Recovery and Support

The IIIC offers support in reducing or eliminating alcohol and/or drug use and encouragement in making positive, lasting changes to live the life you want.  In order to reach as many of those in need in Boston, Quincy, Dorchester, South Boston and Brighton, we partner with local agencies.

We also provide clients with referrals to specialized services such as detox, residential treatment and culturally-sensitive services. In addition, we provide referrals and information regarding local self-help groups such as AA/NA, Learn2Cope and Gamblers Anonymous. With the help of the Allston-Brighton Substance Abuse Task Force (ABSATF) and the Laboure Center/Recovering Connections in South Boston, we coordinate education and outreach events.

We also publish a monthly column called “Matters of Substance,” which explores prevention, addiction/recovery and mental health issues.  “Matter of Substance” can be found in The Boston Irish Reporter and The Irish Emigrant.

If you have questions about our services and how they might help you or a loved one, please contact our Wellness Services Director, Gina Kelleher LADC I at (617) 542-7654 ext. 14 or email: