The one word which comes to mind when thinking of Sean O’Cearuil is: “passionate”.

Sean played a key role in the Irish International Immigrant Center in the early days of our organization, and later went on to serve on the Board of Directors for many years. Sean was passionate about the goals of our organization and about helping others to come here and live the American dream.

Those of us in the local Irish community also saw another aspect of Sean’s passion: his love for his wife, Ellen Mary Carr, and his four boys Ruairi, Liam, Eamon, and Ronan.

“This is desperately sad for Ellen Mary and the children. Sean was a good friend of the IIIC.” said Sister Lena Deevy, expressing her sadness.

The IIIC and the Irish community mourn the loss of Sean and express our deepest sympathy to his beloved family.