By Isaac Ross

Elizabeth St. Victor, recently accredited by the Department of Justice, and Caitln Slavin, whose accreditation was successfully renewed.

The Irish International Immigrant Center is delighted to announce that the U.S. Department of Justice recently accredited staff member Elizabeth St. Victor, and has renewed Caitlin Slavin’s accreditation. This vote of confidence by the Department of Justice allows Caitlin and Elizabeth to represent clients under the supervision of an immigration lawyer.

“The accreditation is wonderful. The program increases access to legal services, and it has allowed us to serve more clients,” says IIIC Managing Attorney Abby Colbert.

“I’m really thrilled that this month, not only was Caitlin’s accreditation renewed, but Elizabeth St. Victor’s application for accreditation was approved. Now she, like Caitlin, can represent IIIC clients before USCIS.”

Caitlin has been working at the Irish International Immigrant Center for nine years and has been accredited for the past six.

“I am excited to continue the work that I feel so passionately about,” Caitlin said. “Helping immigrants on a daily basis with their immigration cases is a very fulfilling job that gets me out of bed in the morning, and I truly love doing the work I do.”

Elizabeth St. Victor has been working at the Irish International Immigrant Center as a program coordinator for the IIIC’s Haitian Recovery Program for nearly a year, and is enthusiastic about the opportunities that the accreditation will offer her here at the IIIC.

“The increased responsibility is exciting. I’m honored to be able to represent the people I have come to care about. I believe in the IIIC mission and am happy to be able to continue to serve.” she said.

The Irish International Immigrant Center congratulates both Elizabeth St. Victor and Caitlin Slavin on their accreditation and thanks them for their tireless work on behalf of Boston’s immigrants.