by Jude Clarke

The Clanrye Wider Horizons group has been busy working in their various youth and community placements in Boston. They have also been experiencing all the wonderful things Boston has to offer including taking part in the many social activities which the IIIC has organized for them. One such activity was their first ever softball game.    

The Irish Red Sox competing against the Boston Blue Sharks started the game in great style with IIIC staff member Jude Clarke pitching and Andrew, James and Denis performing heroics on the field.  Then seven of the Irish Red Sox players scored hits to take a 7 – 0 lead.  The runs were batted home in stunning fashion by Dylan, Maria, James, Denis, Stephen McK, Andrew and Jude to silence the rowdy Blue Sharks.  In the second inning the Blue Sharks again failed to score but Nicola did get their first base hit, which was a start!

The third began in hilarious fashion for the Blue Sharks as Kellie got a hit and ran to 1st where she promptly barged Andrew onto the seat of his pants in a play you’re more likely to see at Foxboro than on a softball pitch!  This inning ended scoreless but in the fourth Gareth got a big hit into the far left outfield and made it to 3rd base before being superbly batted home by Kevin to make the score Blue Sharks 1 Red Sox 8.  Gareth was the star of this inning as he made some stunning catches behind home plate.  

The Blue Sharks chewed their way back into the game in the fifth as Kieran, Stephen B, Niall, Daniel and Gareth all got hits and scored 3 runs, but the Red Sox held onto a 10-4 lead.  The sixth inning saw some amazing Fenway Park style fielding from the Blue Sharks as pitcher Stephen B, Kieran, Lorna, Daniel and Gareth (again) kept the Irish Red Sox score down.  In the seventh and final inning, Michelle managed to record her first ever hit while for the Blue Sharks a big hit by Niall batted in 3 runs to make the final score 7-10 to the Irish Red Sox.  

This game was enjoyed by everyone.  There was certainly plenty of craic but also lots of great plays. With there being two outstanding players in today’s game it was only fair to name both as MVP.  For the Irish Red Sox Stephen McKevitt was outstanding with his two home runs and for the Blue Sharks Gareth McAlinden was outstanding with his 5 great catches.  Well done to all the players.  

Final Score: Boston Blue Sharks – 7    Irish Red Sox – 10