By Niamh Lynch

The IIIC congratulates its Computer Skills Course graduates and volunteer instructor Brian O'Keeffe (center).

If you are a job-seeker then you already know that many positions are now posted exclusively on the Internet and that, to be successful in your job hunt, you need to be able to navigate through a myriad of websites and search engines.

Once you identify relevant openings, you’ll need some basic computer skills to put together a compelling resume. And computers are increasingly a fact of life in fields that, in the past, required little or no interaction with technology. From start to finish then, the candidate who possesses even a little computer savvy stands a much greater chance of locating a position and landing it.

For this reason, hearty congratulations are due to the ten recent graduates of the IIIC’s computer skills class. All the successful grads are either in the process of job hunting or “up-skilling” with an eye towards promotion in their chosen field.

Each Tuesday evening for the past five weeks, they’ve joined Brian O’Keeffe, the IIIC’s volunteer computer skills instructor, for a two-hour class on everything from writing a resume, to designing a spreadsheet on Microsoft Excel, to conducting online research, to learning how to do more with emails.

The classes, held at the IIIC’s own Cyber Café, have been very popular for several reasons. They’re free, class size is deliberately small, and the course content is specifically tailored to meet the individual requirements of the students in the cohort. Want to put together a cracking resume? Then that’s what will be covered in class.

“Students love the practicality of Brian’s approach,” says Danielle Owen, director of the IIIC’s Wellness and Education Services division.

While the most recent graduates were all individuals with at least some computer knowledge, the IIIC also offers separate classes for those who have absolutely no experience on computers. We are also hoping to run more advanced digital literacy classes in the New Year.

Congratulations again to our ten recent computer skills grads. We had a wonderful party last Tuesday to celebrate their new skills, and we are sure that their new-found computer confidence will pay big dividends out there in the job market.

If you are interested in volunteering to teach a basic computer skills class next spring, please contact Danielle Owen at 617-542-7654, ext. 14 or at

To learn more about the IIIC’s computer classes or to pre-register for spring 2012 classes, contact Kielan O’Boyle at or 617 542-7654 ext. 42.