Two countries, two citizenships: Mary Martin enjoys citizenship in both the US and Ireland.

By John Rattigan

Having recently celebrated the second anniversary of our office move to Franklin Street, we pause to recognize one of our nice neighbors down the street.

The Elephant and Castle Pub and Restaurant on Devonshire Street is a purveyor of fine dining and exquisite hospitality presided over by its congenial general manager, Mary Martin.

Mary is an immigrant who traveled from Co. Offaly in 1993 after winning the Visa Lottery. She spent her early years in the U.S. on the West Coast, before finally settling in Boston. Deciding to work as a server at Elephant and Castle, she excelled at her job and was promoted to assistant manager within a year.

Always interested in politics and wanting to become a full partner in the community of her new home, Mary became a U.S. citizen as soon as she was eligible, in 1998. The IIIC assisted Mary with her naturalization, and she has been a faithful and generous supporter ever since.

Like all immigrants who leave family behind, Mary tries to ensure that her children will share in the gift of her Irish heritage. She and her husband Stan and their twin three-year- old boys, Jack and Luke, will soon be traveling to Ireland for an extended visit with Mary’s father and family.

This is a common challenge facing all immigrants with two “homes,” and families thousands of miles apart. Whilst not fully reconciled to this dilemma, Mary says simply: “Home is where you make it”. That’s some valuable advice from our nice neighbor next door.

John is a Citizenship Specialist with the IIIC. We encourage you to take the first step on becoming a UScitizen by calling John at 617-542-7654.