IIIC Deputy Director, Ronnie Millar, assists participants with their citizenship applications

The Notre Dame Education Center in South Boston graciously opened their doors on Saturday March 3 to over 240 people who sought assistance in applying to be US citizens.  The Greater Boston Citizenship Initiative coordinated the event along with MIRA, the IIIC and other local community-based organizations. Sister Gerry and Sister Pauline were on hand all day to assist with the workshop along with 25 other volunteers. Ronnie Millar, IIIC’s deputy director, was delighted with the turnout, and said “it was a privilege to assist people take this important step forward in more fully integrating into society.”

The workshops are scheduled every month, and if you would like assistance in becoming a US citizen, please call John Rattigan at 617-542-7654 to learn more about the process.  The IIIC offers free classes to prepare for the interview examination.