Instructor, Diana Crane, stands far right with her students

IIIC is happy to announce that we just completed the first Citizenship Preparation Class of the new year.  Congratulations to the 19 students who completed the 6 week course and are eagerly ready for their USCIS interview and test.

Through a look at the history of the United States and the creation of its democracy,   the students came to realize what a crucial role immigrants have played.  By sharing their own experiences and dreams, these students continued the story of what it means to be an
American citizen – moreover, an active, participating citizen.

We wish them all success as they continue on this journey.  We very much appreciate the dedication of our two citizenship class instructors, Diana Crane and Megan Henry.  Our students loved the classes, and feel ready for the their exams.

The next start dates for our Citizenship Preparation Classes are:  March 8 and April 26.  We have afternoon classes and evening classes.  Anyone who is interested in signing up should contact Chris Tegmo at 617-542-7654.