By Jude Clarke, IIIC Learning Exchange Program Manager

The Clanrye Wider Horizons group have been busy working in their various youth and community placements in Boston and experiencing many exciting things in Boston including taking part in the many social activities which the IIIC has organized for them, such as their first ever softball game as the Boston Blue Sharks took on the Red Lobsters.  Would the Blue Sharks chew the Red Lobsters?

Well the Blue Sharks definitely started the game well with Bap (Anthony), Gavin and Sarah getting their first base hits.  Then amid some crazy mad-cap fielding from Shane, Niamh and Kim, it was Karl who was able to score two runs off a nice hit to the outfield, leaving the Blue Sharks leading 2 – 0.  Then Shane, Mark and Jude all got hits for the Red Lobsters.  After Sarah Louise struck out and James was caught out, Kim nailed a hit perfectly to allow Shane to score.  After the first inning the Blue Sharks led 2 – 1.

By the start of the second inning a large crowd had gathered, just in time to see Gary stun himself and the crowd by actually getting on base for the Blue Sharks.  Then Chrissy stepped up and hit a shot into right field to get Gary home and so score their only run of the inning.  While Richard, Nicole and Dean all blamed the sunlight they were in fact all expertly struck out with some dazzling pitching from Mark ‘the closer’.   The Red Lobsters took full advantage of Bap’s dodgy pitching with a great display of batting.  A superb in-field home run by Ghandi (Richard) set the tone for this inning as he sprinted around the bases like a man possessed.  After Laura and Shane scored runs Sarah Louise pulled off a spectacular hit to reach base and was then batted home by Kim.  After the second inning the Red Lobsters led 6-4.

In the final inning Nathan and Cherith scored to tie the game up but their joy was short lived as pitcher Bap copped an unfortunate one while trying an audacious catch.  He dived through the air in spectacular fashion but landed in a heap and winded himself.  With there being no stretchers to cart Bap off the field he was left there to recover, by the side of the pitch, in a heap.  Then as he sprang back to his feet a combination of his dodgy pitching and some amazing Fenway Park style batting from the Red Lobsters decided this game.  Ghandi, Ciaran, Laura, Shane, Mark, Jude, Sarah Louise, James and Kim all got hits with the first 6 scoring.

This game was indeed great craic and a great way for the group to enjoy some American Sporting culture.  Nathan and Kim both played well today but it was Mark of the Red Lobsters who was today’s MVP with a hit in each inning, two runs scored and some fine pitching and fielding.  Well done to all the players.  Final score: Boston Blue Sharks – 6 Beantown Red Lobsters – 12