By Danielle Owen, IIIC’s director of Wellness and Education Services

We were honored and very grateful to be able to host Lynn Finn and her wonderful team of medical volunteers last Monday April 2nd, from Cathedral Cares Ministries (Cathedral of the Holy Cross, South End) who gave of their time again serving our immigrant community. This health screening serves as our 25th Free Health Screening since 2006 and we welcomed Dr. Martin C. Mihm, Jr; an internationally renowned Doctor of Dermatology.

Considering the well documented importance of yearly Dermatological screenings, especially for Irish immigrants and people of Irish heritage, we were so very grateful to Dr. Mihm, and Sr. Dorothy Donovan, for offering free screenings to our community again. Dr. Mihm and Sr. Dorothy say they love to join us as they enjoy “the warm, friendly atmosphere” and being able to ensure our community members lives are not at risk.

Danielle Owen, IIIC’s Wellness & Education Director, notes “one of our recent clients reminded us that just because we feel 100%, doesn’t always mean we are. Being able to offer these screenings can save lives!”. We are so grateful to Lynn, Maureen McNally, Bea Navarro and newest volunteer member Judy Woo for screening attendees’ blood pressure and blood sugar. We are hosting another Free Screening on June 6th so if we missed you this time, please call Kielan at 617-542-7654 ext.42 and book your appointment today!