By Abby Colbert, IIIC Managing Attorney

While Sister Lena and our partner organizations lobby for a Haitian Family Reunification Parole Program, IIIC’s Legal Services continues to expand its services to Boston’s Haitian community. One of our greatest successes is IIIC’s growing reputation in the Haitian community for high quality and culturally sensitive legal services. In the beginning, we relied on our partner organizations to connect us with 90% of our Haitian clients. Now we are being recommended throughout the community by word of mouth.

Directly connecting to the Haitian community and the other communities whom we serve is very important to the IIIC. We make every effort to consult with our clients in a culturally-sensitive manner, and to engage them in the process to better understand their needs. We believe this empowers our clients to play a central role in helping themselves.

We were most impressed recently by the pool of well qualified candidates for our Legal Services Program Assistant. In the interviews, the mostly Haitian born candidates explained that they were drawn to the job because it provided an opportunity to help people like them transition to American society. We are happy to welcome Theophile Tanis as our new assistant.

Currently, IIIC Legal Services provides assistance in four languages: English, Spanish, French and Kreyol. To find out more visit our website