by Toni Earls, IIIC Citizenship and Outreach Worker

Would you like to become a U.S. Citizen? If you are a Legal Permanent Resident and have been so for at least five years, or are married to an American citizen and have been a Legal Permanent Resident for three years, you meet the most basic eligibility requirement for citizenship.

Don’t let fear or misinformation stop you from making a beneficial change in your life. The IIIC offers free in-office consultations about naturalization at which the application and supporting documentation (if needed) are explained. Citizenship advice is also available at our regularly scheduled free legal clinics held in the office and in neighborhoods around Boston.

Individuals who take advantage of the expert guidance available at the IIIC can rest assured that they will receive careful consideration and the personal attention such an important life step merits. Our organization also provides support throughout the Citizenship process, offering ESOL and Citizenship classes in preparation for the interview.

Benefits of U.S. Citizenship include no restrictions on travel outside the United States, the right to vote, the chance to sponsor family members to come to the U.S., and the opportunity to run for political office. The naturalization process gives immigrants full rights to enact change in their communities, benefiting fellow immigrants and our country as a whole.

For information about the citizenship process and what it entails, call or email Toni at (617) 542-7654 ext. 26 or