by Kim Jorgensen

Today, a new group of young adults arrived in Boston for their six week overseas phase of the Wider Horizons Program. The Wider Horizons Program fosters mutual understanding and reconciliation between Protestant and Catholic communities in Northern Ireland and Ireland and brings young adults between the ages of 18 and 28 to Boston. The program also improves participants’ employability by providing them with essential skills and practical work experience to use in their return home.  This group is coming through the Tyrone Donegal Partnership, an organization based in Omagh, Co. Tyrone.

The IIIC has been an overseas provider for this program since 2004. We manage the program in Boston, including arranging host families and the trainees’ work placements in the area of youth and community work. We also organize mutual understanding trainings, social activities, and encourage the exposure of the trainees to the multiculturalism of Boston. The group is accompanied by their two group supervisors, Sarah McAlinden and Sean Taggart.

Jude Clarke, Program Manager in the Learning Exchange Programs Department at the IIIC, recently met the group in Omagh. “This group is just so excited about the overseas phase of their Wider Horizons program, and they just can’t wait to get to Boston,” he said. “They are particularly excited about meeting their host families, getting started in their host organizations, and experiencing the great city of Boston.”

Welcome to the Wider Horizons trainees!

July 2012