Ross O' Doherty (2)

By Sean Hansen

“The history, the colleges…” the list goes on as Ross O’Doherty excitedly describes what he already loves about Boston, saying “It’s a lot like home, but just different enough for now.”

Though Ross began his US adventure in Boston, he was recently offered a position in New York at Alexander Gorlin Architects, an opportunity he jumped at and quickly made the move to the Big Apple. Ross came to the US on the J-1 Irish Work and Travel program, facilitated by the IIIC.

The J-1 IWT program is for current Irish students or recent graduates who come to the United States for up to a year to gain international experience in their field of study. With this experience, they can then arm themselves with increased knowledge and skills for future employment in Ireland.

Ross’s original desire to come to Boston stemmed from the opportunities the city has to offer in the architecture industry, compounded by the fact that he has close friends who live on the North Shore.  He reports that there is a feeling in Ireland that the American architecture scene seems to be a couple steps ahead of Europe, so he is eager to gain work experience here to bring back home. He was so determined to find a quality position that he expanded his search to several other major cities, thus his success in securing a job in New York. Ross looks forward to learning new computer programs and codes to expand his resume, in addition to discovering how to navigate through American business culture.

Ross has always been an avid traveler and has been to the U.S. several times to visit family, with fond memories of skiing out in Colorado. His first order of business after graduating from Queens University Belfast in December of 2011 was a year abroad in Australia. While he is in America, Ross wishes to travel to California, where he is hoping to see new perspectives, and Washington D.C., as America’s political system has long been a point of fascination.

The IIIC welcomes Ross, and we hope he has a great experience.