The IIIC would like to congratulate its very own Danielle Owen on her recent success in passing the U.S. Citizenship exam!

Not only is Danielle the director of the Wellness and Education Services at the IIIC, she was one of IIIC’s star citizenship students this past summer.

Born in Dublin, Ireland, Danielle has worked at the IIIC for the past eight years and hadn’t yet applied for Citizenship even though she was eligible. Her reasons were the same as many other Legal Permanent Residents (LPRs): she was “too busy” with life in general, it wasn’t urgent, she’s married to an American citizen, she’s years away from retiring, and she was working full time.

She says: “I knew it was something I should do but I kept putting it off figuring I’d get to it later. You always think you’re too busy to do it but then when the time comes that you need it, all of a sudden it’s a brilliant idea.”

Danielle finally took the plunge because she’s planning on going back to school soon and U.S. Citizens have more access to Federal student loans than LPRs might. Many LPRs wait until there is a pressing need for Citizenship but she believes that it’s far better for an individual to get his or her status sorted before there are other issues.Danielle signing application

“I know that people don’t always think about what might happen down the road and that they
don’t necessarily think they’d want to go home to stay for a long period of time but you never
know what will happen…It’s great to know that if something came up I could go home to Dublin for ten months or a year and I’ll be able to come back to the U.S. without any difficulty.”

The IIIC played an integral role in Danielle’s successful application, with various staff members, including former managing attorney Abby Colbert and Caitlin Slavin, aiding and advising her along the way, culminating in her attending Citizenship Classes this past summer.

She says: “The information I learned in the class about U.S. History and Civics, and about the
application process, helped me immensely. Living in the U.S. for years doesn’t guarantee that you’ll know all the facts necessary to pass the exam. The support I received here at the IIIC was invaluable.”

This level of support, access to information, and professional assistance available at the IIIC is not restricted to employees and volunteers! Anyone interested in U.S. Citizenship is welcome to come to the Center for assistance and to apply for Citizenship Class.

Citizenship classes at the IIIC will begin on Thursday October 11th, running weekly and ending November 15th. Two class sessions are available, one from 1 pm – 3 pm and the other from 6:00– 8:00pm. To get more information or to register please call (617) 542-7654.

For more information about Citizenship Services, call (617) 542-7654 ext. 26 or email