Last Thursday evening, the IIIC hosted a reception with friends,donors and representatives from charitable foundations  to celebrate the transition of Sister Lena Deevy LSA and to welcome the new executive director, Ronnie Millar.Mike Buckley, IIIC’s Board President, offered words of praise for the remarkable work of Sr. Lena in building the organization, and whose continued vision is of an integrated society in which all people are treated with respect, dignity and enjoy equal opportunities and protections.  Buckley then welcomed Ronnie Millar as he steps into the role of executive director to the lead the organization. The evening was a wonderful celebration of the IIIC and all those involved in its success– past, present and future. Save the date of May 3rd for a party at Florian Hall in Dorchester to celebrate  Sister Lena’s 24 years of service to the immigrant community in Greater Boston.