Eimear OBoyleEimear O’Boyle, a native of Blackrock, Dublin, recently joined the Wellness and Education Services team as an volunteer intern. Eimear is in the Boston for a year on the J-1 Irish Work and Travel Visa.

The IIIC is providing an excellent opportunity for Eimear to gain much needed experience in her field of study: addiction and substance abuse treatment. Her work is focused on harm reduction, intervention, and treatment.

Eimear studied at Dublin Business School and graduated with an undergraduate degree in psychology. She continued her education with an MA in Addiction Studies at Dublin Business School in a programme linked with the Institute of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.
She is excited about her time at the IIIC because, when she returns to Ireland, her work here will “stand out. It’s not just like I went somewhere else in Europe. It’s the States. Boston is the nerve center of medical research.”

Her time with Danielle Owen will be invaluable when she is applying for jobs at home. She said “being over her is all about making connections and getting as much experience as possible.”
Eimear’s ultimate goal is to work at a private or public treatment center for addiction in Dublin. She is confident that the time she is spending at the IIIC will improve her chances for employment at home: “There are a lot of people going for very few jobs and an opportunity like this helps set me apart from other applicants. The quality of service and treatment is miles ahead in Boston. It’s the best place I could be.”