J1 Intern PaulHaving a birthday? Retiring? Getting married? Need a place to celebrate? Then J-1 intern Paul McDaid is your man for the job. A recent graduate of the Fitzwilliam Institute in Dublin, Paul is finding plenty of ways to apply his new master’s degree in event planning. Since October, Paul has been interning at Boston Event Solutions; handling catering and other logistical needs for the company. The Letterkenny native has greatly enjoyed his experience in Boston, both at work and socially.

Paul came to America seeking a “bigger perspective” and new ideas from a larger population. Drawn to Boston because of family ties in Somerville, he describes it as a “small, big city,” enjoying both the diverse population and the ease at which he can travel the city due to the MBTA.

Paul’s adventures here in Boston have been made possible through the J-1 Irish Work and Travel program, which allows current Irish students or recent graduates who come to the United States for up to a year to gain international experience in their field of study. With this experience, Paul hopes to bring the “big picture mentality” of America back to an increasingly diverse Ireland.

Having already made trips to Philadelphia and Atlantic City, Paul is planning a voyage down to New York to meet some friends from home for St. Patrick’s Day. He spends his time free time here in Boston playing in an indoor soccer league at the Boston Athletic Club. Here at the IIIC, we welcome Paul and hope he has a great experience.