Ciara - Springboard Wider Horizons - article for 10.29Ciara, 22, is from Tallaght, Dublin and is here in Boston for seven weeks as part of the Springboard Wider Horizons Program. She reflects here of the perspective this experience has given her…

From my experience of traveling and living in Boston, I’ve come to realize more about getting fulfillment out of life. It’s not where you are in the world, it’s the people you meet and associate with every day.

The knack is be willing to interact with individuals from different countries, cultures, and different backgrounds. People with different professional interests and social associations can expand your horizons of what you would like to achieve in life. So for me, it’s about making the time to meet and talk to new people. I am learning about the importance of creating your own luck, and to listen to people’s stories, experiences and asking questions.

The IIIC wishes Ciara much success and fulfillment as she completes her training at Casa Nueva Vida in Jamaica Plain, and when she returns to Ireland.