Baseball in the Time of Cholera Film Screening April 23rd 2013 002The IIIC has had a commitment throughout its history to help individuals from other nations. When the earthquake devastated the people of Haiti, the IIIC responded by helping hundreds gain Temporary Temporary Status in the United States. We continue that commitment and on Tuesday, April 23rd, the IIIC held an extremely successful film screening of “Baseball in the Time of Cholera”. For those who were unaware of the Cholera outbreak in Haiti following the United Nations deployment there after the earthquake in 2010, Tuesday night’s film screening was both eye-opening and heartbreaking. The award-winning documentary was a powerful insight into the tragedy and scandal of Haiti’s Cholera outbreak through the eyes of a young baseball player. Unfortunately, the break out of Cholera in Haiti was not widely publicized but it is still having devastating effects in the recovering country.

With over 100 attendees, the room was filled with a diverse crowd from the Greater Boston area. The film was followed by a Q&A with the esteemed panel of Karen Ansara, co-founder of The Haiti Relief and Reconstruction Fund, Betsey Chace, Development and Operations Manager of the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti, Rev. Eno Mondesir, Senior Pastor for the Haitian Baptist Church of Cambridge, and Dr. Rishi Rattan, Advocacy Chair for Physicians for Haiti.

The main feeling amongst the panelists and their organizations was that the United Nations need to take responsibility for what has ensued in Haiti and the funding that goes towards Haiti needs to be completely transparent so that the people of Haiti and its supporters know where the money is going. There is still so much to be done in Haiti but there is a renewed hope that justice will be served for the Haitian people and their loved ones whom they lost to Cholera.

Those who attended the film screening left feeling enlightened and encouraged to put pressure on the United Nations to take responsibility for the devastation the Cholera epidemic has caused in Haiti. Many still work tirelessly in rebuilding Haiti and improving the lives of the Haitian people.

The IIIC would like to thank our panelists on the night; Karen Ansara, Rishi Rattan, Betsey Chace and Rev. Eno Mondesir and our moderator for the event, Leon David. Also, a special thanks to The Haiti Fund, The Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti and OneWorld Boston, a Cummings Foundation Affiliate. And another big thanks to all who attended a wonderfully insightful night of film and discussion.