CIR Rally 4.6.13 3Irish staff and volunteers of the Irish International Immigrant Center joined with nearly 800 immigrants from all over the world to rally for Comprehensive Immigration Reform at Faneuil Hall and marched on to Government Center on Saturday, April 6th. The event was organized through the partners of the Time Is Now campaign.

Co. Armagh native and IIIC’s Learning Exchange Program assistant, Ciara Lavery took the podium to deliver a powerful speech about her reasons to rally. “Imagine your loved ones, your wife, your husband, your child, now imagine the possibility of never seeing them again…I am the same as all of you, I am somebody’s daughter, somebody’s sister, somebody’s friend… I believe in freedom, I think freedom is a civil right, freedom is a human right. This is 2013 and this is why the Immigration reform bill with a pathway to citizenship should be passed.”  Ciara’s entire speech can be found on our Facebook page.