May 25, 2013

For the past 24 years, the Irish International Immigrant Center has been helping Irish immigrants and young people come to the United States. We care deeply about the Irish who are finding their homes in Boston and throughout the United States.

Throughout the past four years, the IIIC has been accredited as visa sponsor for the J-1 Irish Work and Travel 12-month program, and has helped over 420 Irish students and graduates find internships in their areas of study here in the United States. We do not profit from the visa administrative fees for this program. In fact, the fees do not even cover all of our costs.

With respect to the recent incident in New York involving an Irish graduate on the program, upon further reflection the IIIC is deeply sorry for the hurt and upset that this incident caused the young woman. We recognize that it would have been more sensitive to first communicate with her host organization prior to our taking action, and to provide her with a warning that her unauthorized employment was inconsistent with the program regulations.

It was absolutely not our intention to hurt anyone.

The IIIC will perform a full review of the management of the J-1 Irish Work and Travel program in order to determine what changes should be made to ensure that our mission of providing support to Irish students and graduates is properly carried out.

We at the IIIC are dedicated to helping Irish graduates have a positive experience in the United States; and through the J-1 IWT program and our other services, will continue to work toward this goal. For further information, please contact Ronnie Millar, IIIC’s Executive Director, at 617.542.7654 ext. 35.