The United States of America is a land of vast history, culture, and innovation. Packed with every type of landscape, weather, occupation, and person, twelve months won’t seem long enough… but it is a year you won’t forget!

With the J-1 Irish Work and Travel (J-1 IWT) Program, you will have the opportunity to learn, train, and travel with the best – either in Boston or anywhere in the U.S. The experience you gain here will last a lifetime. The J-1 IWT enables Irish students and recent graduates to undertake paid training in an internship with a U.S. employer for up to twelve months. The Irish International Immigrant Center is delighted to provide Irish students in – and recent graduates of – colleges with the opportunity to work and learn in this competitive environment – whether for a few months or an entire year. For complete program details, please visit the Program Information section of this page.

If you are interested in learning more about the J-1 IWT program, please email and include the following information in the body of your email:
    • Your graduation date
    • Your area of study
    • The name of the university you attended
    • Your intended travel date
    • The level of your degree (undergrad, masters, etc.)
Tel: 617.542.7654 ex.18 (Boston)


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