Together with the MIRA Coalition, Brazilian Women’s Group, Brazilian Immigrant Center, and many other local and state organizations, the Irish International Immigrant Center (IIIC) has been advocating intensely for the state of Massachusetts to pass the Save Driving Bill. The ratification of this bill will enable immigrants who are undocumented to obtain a State Driver’s License;  make our roads safer; and reduce insurance premiums across the board by credibly requiring that all motorists share in the responsibility of carrying liability insurance and providing a means for all to do so. Currently there are a total of 12 states, including our neighbors’ states: Vermont, Connecticut and Rhode Island, which have approved similar bill in their states.

Last Wednesday at the monthly meeting, the consensus was that the Safe Driving Coalition needs to do more outreach, seek endorsements, and push for both groups and individuals pledges in order for this bill to pass. While a hearing date is still pending, we ask everyone to call their state legislators and demand them to become champions of the bill.