Wider Horizons - ESOL convo groupLast Thursday evening, I was part of a conversation class for our ESOL students here at the IIIC.  We were joined by members of our Wider Horizons group who volunteered to help out on the night.  Stephen, Claire, Aine and Ronan were key to making the class a big success and demonstrated enthusiasm, patience and interest throughout the class. ESOL students Vasilika, Erika and Lutfije loved having the chance to meet the Wider Horizons folks who only recently arrived in Boston and likewise, the Wider Horizons students loved hearing all about the ESOL students.  The theme of the night was sharing.  Both groups of people enjoyed the experience of sharing their individual stories and chatted about lots of exciting like life in Boston, coming to a new country, family, hobbles, customs and traditions and even pets!  Everyone left in high spirits and are looking forward to participating in the class again next week.