AmbreenBy Cristina Suazo

From a small rural town in Illinois, our new employee Ambreen Ahmad is also new to Boston. Eager for new experiences, she moved to South Boston and applied excitedly for the position of J-1 IWT Program Administrator in the Learning Exchange Program department. This fall, she also started her Masters in Women in Politics & Public Policy Program at UMass. She is highly interested in the legal aspects of immigration and specifically foreign aid.

Having recently completed her Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Humanistic Studies at St Mary’s in Indiana, Ambreen is eager to work with people of different backgrounds, improve her intercultural skills and understand international education and experiences. Therefore her time with the Learning Exchange department will be formative as she works directly with Irish students who desire a year of work experience in America. She will guide them through the J1 visa process, as well as provide resources for participants’ assimilation.

Ambreen has thoroughly enjoyed her first week with the IIIC commenting that “Everyone is super friendly, passionate and dedicated to the mission of the IIIC.”  We are equally as pleased to have Ambreen on the team.