The IIIC is supporting a new Bill which removes immigration status as a barrier to applying for a license or learner’s permit. The Safe Driving bill would allow all Massachusetts residents to become trained, licensed and insured — making our roads safer for every driver.

In Massachusetts, many drivers are ineligible for driver’s licenses because of immigration status.

There is currently no path to follow the law for many residents who wish to take a driver’s exam, drive lawfully, and carry insurance. The state legislature recently increased penalties for driving without a license and related offenses. Yet, families will continue to need to drive – to take children to school or relatives to doctor’s appointments, buy groceries, and perform other tasks requiring transportation.

There will be a public hearing for the Safe Driving Bill on October 29th at the State House. We encourage you to call your legislator and ask them to support the Bill for safer roads and less accidents. Many states have already eliminated immigration status as a barrier to driver’s licenses and learner’s permits; and require all of their driving residents to be trained, licensed and insured. They include Washington, New Mexico, Utah, Illinois, Oregon, Vermont, Maryland, Colorado and Connecticut. For more information on the upcoming hearing, please contact Johanne Meleance at (617) 542-7654 or