The Irish International Immigrant Center Thanks the Irish Government for Its Continued Support to Irish People Living Abroad

The Irish Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs through the Irish Abroad Unit’s Emigrant Support Program has upheld its longstanding commitment to the Irish diaspora by recently renewing an important welfare grant to the Irish International Immigrant Center for its work in assisting Irish immigrants with immigration legal issues, job readiness programs, health screenings and education, home health aide courses, and individual counseling and support.

The work of the Center helps make Boston one of the nation’s most welcoming cities for Irish workers and immigrants. The Center helps hundreds of Irish immigrants to stay and work in Boston, where they can develop new skills and the confidence to contribute positively to the economy both here and in Ireland when they return home.

The Irish Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs funding allows the Irish International Immigrant Center to offer a vast range of services to the Irish community of Boston – immigration legal services, citizenship services, employment services, social service referrals, individual counseling, job readiness programs, and great support with the J-1 Irish Work & Travel Program, Wider Horizons, and J-1 summer students.