Our goal is to keep Massachusetts a welcoming place for workers, students, and refugees from around the world because all residents deserve justice, equality, and dignity.

We work in partnership with other organizations to

  • Promote comprehensive immigration reform.
  • Advocate for the rights and opportunities of immigrants and refugees.
  • Work in collaboration with other Irish organizations to educate on the needs of Irish immigrants.
  • Educate on immigrant contributions to Massachusetts to combat racism, intolerance, and ignorance.
  • Work in solidarity with all immigrants to build bridges of understanding and communication.

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IIIC Stands with MIRA in Opposition to “Secure Communities” Program

FEATURED STORY | IIIC Stands with MIRA in Opposition to Secure Communities

In partnership and in solidarity with the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition (MIRA), the IIIC firmly believes that the federal government’s Secure Communities program is a dangerous extension of the reach of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Governor Patrick also stood with local community leaders and police by pulling Massachusetts out of S-Comm.  However, just this past week, the Department of Homeland Security terminated all Memorandum of Agreements with states, claiming that because the Secure Communities program is federal law, the original agreements are not necessary.  Therefore, states don’t have an option to opt-in to S-Comm anymore, and the program is now mandatory.

IIIC Executive Director, Sister Lena Deevy L.S.A., who is also a board member of MIRA, says, “Secure Communities is an obstacle to community policing as local police are now being seen as immigration agents.  It increases the risk of profiling and pretextual arrests, and the unnecessary and prolonged detentions may limit an individual’s ability to access a lawyer, fight criminal charges, or get out of jail on bail.”

According to ICE’s own statistics, 54 percent of those immigrants deported through Secure Communities in Boston since 2008 did not commit any criminal offense, only civil immigration violations.

MIRA has stated “It is clear that DHS and ICE have been misleading the public and state and local officials about this program from the start. Now they are continuing to force a program onto states that recognize its fundamental flaws. This is a situation which cannot and should not be tolerated.”

IIIC is actively working with MIRA to stop the Secure Communities program.  We need your help.  Please stay tuned for information on future public hearings on this unfair policy.