The IIIC is still accepting visa applications for 2018! 

As the program has grown in popularity this year, we encourage you to inquire today in order to learn more about your eligibility and to reserve your spot. Click below to begin!

The Irish International Immigrant Center provides young Irish people the opportunity to live and work in the U.S. for a year. We became an accredited J-1 Irish Work and Travel visa sponsor in 2008 and have supported nearly 2,000 graduates and students to date.

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J-1 Irish Work and Travel Visa

The program allows Irish citizens who are current students or recent graduates from Irish universities to travel to the U.S. for up to 12 months in order to gain work experience and enhance their careers or academic pursuits.  Our director of Internship Placements assists participants with networking and securing appropriate positions in their field of study.

J-1 Intern Program with Ulster University

The IIIC has partnered with Ulster University to provide greater international work opportunities for third-year students. The IIIC connects with employers across multiple sectors to find top-quality paid work placements and internships. As their visa sponsor, we provide constant support for students throughout their stay in the US.

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J-1 Summer Work and Travel

The IIIC helps young people who travel to Boston on J-1 Summer Work and Travel visas by providing a Cyber Café at our Center. This is a fully-staffed and safe resource center that can be used for support with any issues that arise as students transition to Boston. The Learning Exchange Program staff helps students navigate living and working in the US.

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Christopher Dixon-O’Mara (second from right) with members of Climate Action Campaign gathered in supported of the Climate Action Plan in Del Mar, California.  The plan successfully passed June 6, 2016.  Dixon-O’Mara interned with Sullivan Solar Power in San Diego, and represented the company at the campaign.  

“The J-1 IWT program is by far the best opportunity for graduates who want to gain vital work experience and go on a life-changing adventure. My J-1 IWT program to San Diego, California provided me with professional and personal development that was unparalleled to any other option. My first piece of advice is if you are considering the J-1 IWT – simply go for it… you will reap the benefits tenfold.

Professionally, my internship allowed me to work in public affairs and energy policy. One highlight of this position was travelling to Las Vegas and San Francisco for solar conferences. I had the opportunity to go Sacramento to meet with elected officials and speak at city council meetings across San Diego County on the merits of solar power. At a rally in San Diego, supporting the national environmental movement, I got to see former President Obama! The team at the IIIC is an invaluable resource and will do all they can to help and support you along the way.”

Christopher Dixon-O’Mara
Masters in Energy and Environmental Policy, University College Dublin