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The Irish International Immigrant Center specializes in international learning exchange programs between Ireland and the United States with over 13 years of experience providing Irish young people with these exchange experiences in the U.S. These programs have been built on the success of managing the Walsh visa program in the early days of IIIC, and more recently the Wider Horizons programs.

The J-1 Irish Work and Travel Program (J-1 IWT and also commonly referred to as the graduate visa program) allows Irish citizens who are current students or recent graduates from colleges outside the U.S. to travel to anywhere in the U.S. for up to 12 months to work and travel. They must work in an internship related to their field of study in college.

Learning Exchange Programs staff manage the J-1 IWT program and support the students in all aspects of their program both in preparing for, and throughout, their year in the U.S. The Irish International Immigrant Center is an approved sponsoring agency for this program.

To be eligible, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Currently enrolled in a degree program or have graduated within the last year, or
  • Have graduated within one year of beginning the visa program, and
  • Be a citizen of Ireland (hold an Irish passport).

Please contact the J-1 IWT staff to apply and for any additional information, including the up to date application form:

Email: J1IWT@iiicenter.org
Tel: 617.542.7654 ex.19 (Boston) (Belfast)