Immigration policies that reflect American values

This week we heard our president’s proposed immigration plan, which focuses on “merit-based immigration” and puts limitations on family-based and humanitarian immigration. The IIIC supports immigration reform that is comprehensive and reflects our country’s best values. America’s immigration system should mirror our collective hope for a brighter and better future for all, and should embrace … Continued

On Mothers Day, 2019

Across the U.S. and Central America this weekend, many honor the strength, wisdom and compassion of mothers who lead our families and our communities. This week, a group of us at the IIIC were fortunate enough to witness a really special moment that highlighted the love, human values, and power of motherhood that transcend country … Continued

Stand With Immigrant Families This Spring

Stand with immigrant and refugee families today Every gift makes a difference! Day in and day out, the IIIC community is working tirelessly to reunite and keep families together, provide new opportunities through educational programs, and bring comfort and stability through therapeutic supports. This vital work is only possible thanks to the outpouring of support we … Continued

An exciting week at the IIIC

Before we head into the weekend, I am delighted to share some exciting news from the IIIC… Welcome to Maren Coniglione! We are very pleased to announce the appointment of our new Deputy Director, Maren Coniglione! Maren was previously the Executive Director of an educational nonprofit in Boston, where she focused on growth, re-branding, and … Continued

Happy Easter and Passover!

This year, Easter and Passover happen at the same time. One shared tradition between the two is the telling, and retelling, of sacred stories. And I am reminded of Avivah Zornberg’s interview on Kristia Tippet’s OnBeing radio show in 2011 about the Exodus, the journey. It is really brilliant and I encourage you to listen here. … Continued

St. Valentines Day: To Immigrants with Love

On St. Valentine’s Day we celebrate love and all our loved ones. This week, we learned through the government shutdown negotiations that 48,019 immigrant detainees are presently being separated from their loved ones by ICE, and being held in prison cells. Congress funds ICE to imprison an astonishing 40,500 immigrants at any given time, and … Continued

Real emergencies vs. sham emergencies

The administration has spent the past few weeks spreading invented rhetoric about a sham “emergency” at the southern border. This artificial emergency has drawn my attention to the real emergencies that immigrants and refugees here in Massachusetts and across the country face every day. Our team at the IIIC are on the front lines attending … Continued

Courage, dear heart for 2019

Happy New Year to all! Wishing you and your family peace, hope and courage for 2019. Having spent the holiday in Belfast, Northern Ireland, birthplace of C.S. Lewis, I have been reflecting on his Narnia Series and a passage from The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. At one stage in the story, young protagonist Lucy and her … Continued

Inhumanity at the border

A migrant family, part of a caravan of thousands traveling from Central America to the United States, run away from tear gas in front of the border wall. Kim Kyung Hoon—Reuters. Read more about the story here.    Earlier this week, we witnessed the horrific tear-gassing of women and children on the border: children wearing diapers and … Continued

Engaging New Citizens

This past week, we were delighted to hear that the Fish Family Foundation has awarded us a major grant to expand our Citizenship Engagement Program to assist new citizens as they become active members of their communities and build financially stable lives. I am very grateful to the Fish Family Foundation for their generosity, leadership … Continued