Ripples of Hope

Hoping you have a wonderful holiday, as summer slowly winds down and kids get ready to go back to school. Good wishes to all the students who are venturing back into class, to those who are heading into new challenges, and to the inspirational teachers and support staff who make it all possible. It has … Continued

Why Not?

Greetings, Today, I want to congratulate IIIC’s Education Services team for reaching their goal of assisting 125 immigrants to become citizens through a US government grant (USCIS). Our Director of Education Services, Bonnie Greenwood, instructors Marisa Bennett, Erin Chubb, and Maya Nunez, and their team of interns and volunteers helped students prepare for their citizenship … Continued

IIIC to receive peace award

This week, we received the great news that the IIIC will be presented with the 2018 Peace Award from the Peace Islands Institute at their 9th Annual Friendship Dinner on September 25th. The evening will celebrate cultural diversity, and promote peace and harmony across people from different walks of life. We are grateful to Peace … Continued