What We Do

The IIIC offers Wellness support to immigrants from around the world. With generous support from the Irish Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade: Emigrant Support Programme, we offer extensive support to the Irish immigrant community in New England.

We provide compassionate, confidential care, specializing in therapeutic support for emotional and mental health concerns including depression and anxiety, substance use disorders and recovery, and crisis management. We help individuals access health insurance and foster community building among our Irish clients through Irish language classes, workshops, and events. We are welcoming, inclusive, and committed to diversity. We support LGBTQ+ communities and people living with disabilities.

Who We Are

Rachel Reisman, LICSW is our Director of Wellness Services, a clinician with over 20 years of experience and an Irish immigrant. Rachel puts her clients goals first, believes in their strengths, and understands the immigrant experience first-hand.

Siobhan Kelly, BSW is our case manager and an Irish-American. She helps clients access resources in Greater Boston and Ireland, solve problems, navigate the healthcare system from health insurance to treatment options, and complete passport renewals.

Mental Health and Emotional Support

Immigrating to a new country can be stressful, and some immigrants who have limited access to health insurance need supportive counseling, evaluation, and referrals, free of charge. Our services are flexible and tailored to clients’ needs, including consultations and longer-term support.

Suicide Prevention and Loss

Our Irish community, both in Boston and in Ireland, suffers from a high-rate of suicide loss. We are committed to helping those who struggle with self-harm or thoughts of suicide to find relief and stability. We are here to triage a crisis, combat the despair and loneliness often associated with suicidal thoughts, and to navigate the very particular grief that losing a friend or family member to suicide can bring.

Substance Use and Recovery

Many in our community battle alcohol and drug use. There is a high correlation between substance use and depression. We can help individuals and families plan and achieve sobriety, tailoring a recovery plan to fit their needs. We offer a pathway to change, working with family doctors. Alcoholics Anonymous, local hospitals and day programs. We are inspired by our clients who tackle their struggle with alcohol and drugs, and reach out to help others along the way.

Health Screenings, Clinics, and Events

In support of a healthy community, we hold free flu shot clinics and oral hygiene workshops. We present films and events focused on mental health, self-care, sobriety, and other topics of interest to the immigrant community.

Reaching the Community

“Matters of Substance” is a bi-monthly column focused on emotional health and recovery, which is published in the Boston Irish Reporter and in IIIC newsletters. We also publish a quarterly newsletter which you can read here, and you can connect with Facebook and Twitter!

Read Rachel’s most recent “Matters of Substance” article here

Irish Language and Cultural Connections

In collaboration with Cumann na Gaeilge, the IIIC offers Irish language classes. Offered to absolute beginners through intermediate speakers, our classes are fun and welcoming. All of our teachers are native Irish speakers and are committed to keeping the language alive in the Boston community. We welcome students from Ireland, the US, and all around the world, and enjoy hearing the ancient Irish culture come alive! For more information, contact Siobhan Kelly at skelly@iiicenter.org.

Our Partners

We are thankful to the following organizations who help us in delivering our programs: CrossCare/Ireland, Cumann na Gaeilge, Cathedral Cares Health Clinics, CIIC Social Services Committee, Greater Boston Regional Coalition for Suicide Prevention, Charitable Irish Society, DMH Multicultural Advisory Committee, Tufts School of Dental Medicine, Mayor’s Office for Immigrant Advancement.

Helpful Resources

Mental Health Emergency Services: Best Team/Boston (800-981-4357), StateWide Emergency Mental Health Help (877-382-1609), and Samaritans Boston (800-870-4673)

Recovery Services and Substance Use: Mayor’s Office of Boston (617-635-4500 or 311), AA Boston(617-426-9444), and Learn 2 Cope: for families managing opioid abuse, peer support (508-801-3247).

Domestic Violence Help: SafeLink (877-785-2020)

Health Insurance Information: Health Care for All ( 899-272-4232)

Client Feedback

“For years, I hadn’t known what was going on for me. I didn’t have the words for it. Working with Rachel, I learnt I have anxiety and depression, and I can do something about it. It can get better.” – Danny

“When I met Rachel, I was feeling truly broken. I didn’t know where to start. Now a year later, [with] our work together, I am much stronger and hopeful. You helped me here and when I returned to Ireland, too.” – Luke

“Siobhan in Wellness is a treasure. She helped me sort out things with social security, my job search and resume and always listens to me. The best thing I ever did, years ago, coming in to Wellness at the IIIC!” – Peter

“I’d be lost without being able to talk to you every week, either here in the office or on the phone. Really and literally, lost. Thank you for what you do, for being confidential and caring and to Ireland for providing this for me.” – Sheila

“I felt so isolated, stressed out and alone. Thank you for being here for me, and for my son.” – Simeen

“Thank you so much. You are really kind, thank you for not judging me and getting it. My home is here after all of these years, I want to stay, and I’m trying to stay healthy, sober and strong with your help, every week.” – Ruth

“I want to thank you, Rachel for everything you have done, not only for me, but for people like me. You’ve no idea how much your kindness is key to feeling healthier. Thank-you for helping my soul realize its potential to bloom, especially in dark times.” – Grace